Prof. Dr. Bhenyamin Hoessein was born in Tegal on August 10, 1939, he graduated Bachelor of Political Science atthe National University (1965), Bachelor of Law Governance at the University ofIndonesia in 1970 and the Diploma Program in Development Administration at theInstitute of Social Studies, Den Haag (1974). Doctorate degree in Public Administration Graduate Program earned in the University of Indonesia (1993).

His career began as a Public Servant at the Institute of NationalDefense (1966-1970), and Lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political SciencesUniversity of Indonesia (1971-present).  And he has been sit in in various position such as :

  • Poleksos Bureau Chief at the Institute of National Defense (1966-1970).
  • BureauChief of the Secretariat of the Dean of the
  • Executive Secretary concurrent UIFISIP
  • Joint Teaching and Research Program FISIP UI and the University of Leiden (1974-1980),
  • Chairman of the Department of Administration FISIP UI(1994-1996),
  • Chairman of the College of Administrative Sciences Institute of Public Administration (1996-1999) ,
  • Chairman of the field of Public AdministrationDiploma Program FISIP UI (1997-2001),
  • Coordinator of Social Sciences Graduate Program, University of Indonesia (1996 - 2000),
  • and Chairman of the Department of Administrative Sciences Graduate Program FISIP UI (2001-2009).

Prof. Dr. Bhenyamin Hoessein, is also teaching various courses in the Department of Administration FISIP UI. Beside that, he teaches at UI School of Law since 1971. He also teaches at the Graduate Department of Administrative Sciences FISIP UI and UI Law School Graduate.
His area of expertise are in Local Government, Urban Governance, Development Administrationand the State Administration Law.

Prof. Dr. Bhenyamin Hoessein, heavily involved in designing policies regarding the development of regional autonomy in the Department of the Interior, as :

  • The reviewer Team Concept Model Autonomous Region Level II (1986),
  • Member ofTeam Development Law. 22 of 1999 on Regional Government (1999),
  • PatentDrafting Regulation on Administration and Management of Urban Areas (1999),

Chairman of the Law Revision Team. 22 and Law no. 25 of 1999 which was commissioned by the House (2001)